AW OFFICE CITA CITRAWINDA NOERHADI & ASSOCIATES commonly known as "CCN" has its roots back in 1987 the year when DR. Cita Citrawinda started managing Biro Oktroi Roosseno until March 16, 2004. The Law Office has the support and backing of a team comprising of professional intellectual property lawyers and skilled technical persons to handle the matters relating to patent, well experienced staff and a chain of lawyers.


AW OFFICE CITA CITRAWINDA NOERHADI & ASSOCIATES are pleased to offer a broad range of legal services which are primarily for the protection of all kinds of intellectual property rights including trade and/or service marks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, industrial designs both national and international. Other services of our firm include investigations, evaluation of intellectual property objects, intellectual property audit, preparing licensing, franchising agreements and related aspects of both competitive and commercial law, distributorship, and domain names. The firm also handles litigation arising from infringements of its clients proprietary interests, such as oppositions, defense against oppositions, cancellation actions, infringement actions, criminal actions against counterfeiters, injunctions and actions seeking compensation for damages, providing guidance to avoid infringement of existing third-party intellectual property rights, as well as other civil and criminal cases.



ur mission is to assist our clients to realize the full potential of their intellectual property assets, business and commercial goals by giving legal assistance to fulfill their statutory obligations while at the same time providing solutions to complex intellectual property issues. We also have commitment to assist government in the intellectual property issues to meet the international global standard. Recognizing that our clients, our reputation for service, our integrity and our people are our base and our future, we are committed to ensuring our services are of the highest quality with unquestioned integrity, response to client needs and solutions driven. Our vision is to be recognized as the most provider of intellectual property rights consultancy in Indonesia.