AW OFFICE CITA CITRAWINDA NOERHADI & ASSOCIATES offers a wide-range of services which include among others: 

  • Legal counseling on intellectual property laws, unfair competition law, contract law, including licensing and franchising.
  • Prepare and draft patent specifications and claims.
  • File and prosecute patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design and layout designs of integrated circuit applications in Indonesia and abroad.
  • Defending clients in trademark, patent, copyright, industrial design and cancellation proceedings.
  • Advising on intellectual property matters, searches and opinions on registration.
  • Patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design and surveillance and/or infringement investigation services.
  • Audit of intellectual property portfolios of individuals and/or companies.
  • Providing data and information services on intellectual property right (searching, monitoring, watching, etc).
  • Legal assistance in nullity lawsuits and/or enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Preparation and review of licensing and franchising agreements.
  • Negotiating all forms of intellectual property rights transfer regarding the ownership of intellectual property.
  • Dispute resolutions before administrative authorities in the areas of intellectual property and related laws.
  • Infringement litigation in intellectual property rights and unfair competition.
  • Other civil and criminal cases outside intellectual property matters.



AW OFFICE CITA CITRAWINDA NOERHADI & ASSOCIATES are committed to professionalism, and responsibility in assisting intellectual property owners who are committed to meeting global economic challenges suitably protected and fully informed. The Law Office is adequately equipped with qualified professionals: Intellectual Property consultant, lawyers, attorneys & advocates, engineers, and paralegals who are ready to take care of every necessary individual action within the complex procedures involved in the management of intellectual property. These professionals are at your service. They employ their experience and expertise, skills and talents to meet and overcome all challenges in the protection of intellectual property rights, advising clients in connection with the unfair competition laws, contractual agreements, as well as handling cases outside of intellectual property matters.


AW OFFICE CITA CITRAWINDA NOERHADI & ASSOCIATES has incorporated within its premises a highly sophisticated computerized system, developed and tailored to incorporate all of the necessary applications which serve them to carry out, in a fully automated manner, the numerous activities involved in the rendering of efficient services within the above mentioned fields.

Please contact us at the following address:
MENARA IMPERIUM 12th Floor, Suite D
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.1, Metropolitan Kuningan Superblok
Jakarta 12980, INDONESIA
P.O. Box 1102 Jakarta 10011, INDONESIA
Telephone: (62 21) 835 4055 (Hunting)
Facsimile: (62 21) 837 84152, 837 04880
Email: cita_p@ccpassociates.com
Website: www.ccp-associates.com

Contact person: DR. Cita Citrawinda